BodyWorX Policies

Notification to our members of policy updates closings, time changes etc. will be via email and tweets. If email address is not provided or is out of date or member has chosen not to follow us on twitter, it is the members’ responsibility to pickup service and rule change info from front desk.

We do our best to give you more gym for your money. But, to help do that we charge a $49 maintenance fee every six months that you’re a member. The payment is for the six months that you were here and we’ll let you know when we’re taking it out. This fee does apply even if it does fall on your final bill.

Unfortunately our processor does not allow us to make any changes to your account within 5 days of our billing cycle. This means that any changes to your account (cancels, freezes, checking updates, etc) made during the month will not go into effect until after the billing takes place on the 1st or the 15th. Please plan accordingly!

Traveling for work or pleasure? Heading south for the winter? Well, remember you can freeze your membership for up to 90 days in a year (based on your membership date in 30 day chunks). During that time, we’ll only charge you $5 a month instead of your usual fee. If you have a medical reason you can’t workout, just bring us (in person or via email) a doctor’s note and we will freeze your account with no fee (we’ll still do it without a note, but that will be at the standard freeze rate). All Freeze requests must be done in writing by sending an email to

Hey, you pay into your health insurance; you might as well get something back. Many insurance companies will reimburse you for your health club membership. Check with your benefits department or insurance agent to find out how to get some money out of them, and and stop by the front desk to request a print out of your history or make request for history via email @ You should have received your membership agreement via email when you joined (either in the body or as an attachment), let us know if you need another copy.

You can update your billing and other information at any time at the front desk or by calling 708.660.1400. If your checking info changes, save yourself some $ and change it before getting late fees. Please, NEVER send us billing information by email!