Recover Bar

Feel refreshed and energized within minutes

Tired after a day of energy-intensive activities? We offer Cryotherapy, the latest recovery treatment method for anyone seeking fast recovery of muscle pain and inflammation. Widely used by many athletes and celebrities, cryotherapy subjects your body to low temperatures of up to minus 200 degrees fahrenheit. This stimulates your body to transport blood into your core and vital organs, which in turn increases oxygen and essential nutrients that your body can absorb after you’ve returned to a normal temperature setting, allowing you to recuperate quickly and reduce pain and inflammation.

How does it work?

To get started, book a session with us. Once you’ve arrived, our cyro technician will have you sign a waiver and give you all the necessary clothings to change into. You’ll then be taken to our pre-cooled chamber, where your body will be exposed to our safe and specially-made nitrogen liquid for three minutes.

Don’t worry, our cryo technician will be present throughout the session to monitor everything.





Oxygen bar

Don't forget your Oxygen At Our Oxygen Bar 99% pure oxygen
with aromatherapy included...

$4 per minute

15min session $49

30min session $99

Price does not include $1 nose hose charge